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1 Jutsu: [Action]

[When Nagato woke up, he was more than a bit confused, especially with the way sunlight was filtering through the window off to his right and shining down into his face. There were multiple reasons why this was confusing.

First, last he'd checked he'd been outside. Second, he was on something squishy, which indicated a bed or futon, most likely. Third, not even a moment ago he'd been returning to being dead. Somehow, the last seemed to be the most glaring of these points, and he finally cracked open his eyes, squinting against the light before pushing himself to a seated position.

The gesture was more than enough to alert him to the tug of something on his back, and looking over his shoulder to see the bright crimson wings... It almost made him laugh, because Konan was the angel, not him. He was just the idiot who mucked everything up trying to be a god. Something in the universe clearly had a sense of humor.

A look around found him his clothes, which he was admittedly reluctant to pull on given that they'd been what he'd been wearing while revived, but he finally tugged on the dark cloak and got off the bed, peeking around doorways before heading out into the communal hall to make his way outside.

If this was the afterlife, then he intended to explore!]

(OOC: Feel free to catch him anywhere from his room to outside somewhere, he'll be using the stairs in the first apartment building to head out.)
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[So because Naruto is late, Kushina is out searching for him lol. She looks pissed.


But catching sight of bright red hair is enough to make her stop and stare a bit. She's reminded of rolling green hills, tall buildings, a river splitting down the middle of a village surrounded by whirlpools. And the bridges -- as crimson as the hair of the infamous clan that used to reside there.

There were other people with red hair around, but none of them were as pin straight as Kushina's or this man's. Or as noticeable. His wings matched that color impeccably as well. It was hard not to notice him just as much as it was for her.

But there's no way... it's one thing to have dead people come to life because there were hundred and millions of lives to be chosen from. Why the heck would another Uzumaki come here too? Her luck wasn't that good.

She's staring though so she finally gives an awkward wave and a lopsided smile. Sorry for staring]
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[Kushina convinces herself it's not an Uzumaki and especially not anybody she knows, so she continues on her hunt for an Uzumaki she DOES know. Her own son. Who is late. Dammit.

She gets about ten or twenty feet away when her voice echoes around Luceti and is loud enough for Nagato (and hopefully Naruto) to hear clearly.]

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[She's mid-puff up to shout again but deflates, fumbles a bit, and eyes widening that the redhead decided to come over and talk.

And that he knows Naruto.

Then she's frowning again at the reminder of tardy sons.]

You mean the kid that's late for dinner and is going to have to deal with me for doing so?

Yeah, I know him.
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[Yeah, he's almost her age but he's still a kid. Her son.]

I don't usually.

[Only when he's in trouble. The frown disappears eventually and her tense posture loosens. Another friend?]

I don't think I've seen you around here. I'd notice that red hair.

[A strand of her own catches the sunlight. It takes a while but it looks like she wants to say something else. She peers at him curiously, as if waiting for him to admit something. When he doesn't, she blurts;]

Since people always notice mine, ya know...
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Suddenly she's a bit more weary. Konoha was at war, with Ame right at the center for a while. Even though Kushina hated the wars and everything to do with them, that didn't mean that people could get rid of a grudge.

But he said he was Naruto's friend so her lips pull up slightly anyway. As long as she kept quiet where she was from--]

Yeah, me too. Not many people have it so I was pretty surprised to see you just walking around.

Sorry... for staring. I know what it's like to be treated like you're a circus show just for having red hair, ya know.
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[Now that he mentions it, there's something different about them. They're strange but familiar and she can't put her finger on it. She doesn't say anything about it though. Not at first. It's obvious he doesn't really want to talk about it and she can respect that boundary.

She perks up at the sound of Naruto being around then fists her hands at her hips. GOOD SUBJECT CHANGE FROM HAIR]

Relaxed, huh? Geez. He shouldn't be since he's in trouble.

Do you know where he went? [For his sake, point in the direction of their home PLS SPARE YOUR KOHAI]
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[Also missed the part where you don't kill your sensei I MEAN...

uzumaki 5eva.

Oh, he was in a hurry? This is better?? MAYBE. Naruto was relaxed but in a hurry. Well, she'll see him and what his true disposition was once she finds him.

And he sees scary mom face.]

Because he's late for dinner, like I said.
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[Whoops, she forgot to introduce herself. That tends to happen a lot here. In Konoha, everyone knew who she was. There was no need to introduce herself. Whether it was the red hair or her loudness that was noticed, when you put the two together it wasn't hard to guess who she was.

In Luceti, she wasn't very infamous. She was certainly working on it though.

So she blushes a bit.]
Ah-- right. Sorry.

I'm Kushina. [A small, polite bow of her head.]
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[It doesn't kill it but she looks shocked. Nagato... she remembers it clearly. While he didn't have a face before, now he does. Rinnegan, the name of the special eye jutsu he had.

It's like Konan all over again. Meet a nice person only to figure out he actually killed Minato's sensei. Did she have a sign that said 'Talk to Minato's wife, student of Jiraiya-sensei'?]
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[What does she do? Konan hadn't actually killed Jiraiya but this person did. That feeling of curiosity of getting to know the redhead dwindles away, only to be left with confusion.

Her shock disappears too and she stares at her feet.

What does she do?]
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[Awkward smile, and shift away seems to be the choice.]

Yeah, nice to meet you too. It was fun chatting, but I should really look for my son now. He's late, ya know.
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[She might have gotten a few steps away during his hesitation before he calls out. Kushina isn't heartless so she does stop, blue eyes a bit more wide again. It had just slipped out, calling him her son.

It's no use hiding it, with her red hair and now with him knowing Naruto is her boy.

She turns to face him again with some distance between them.]

Yeah. Uzumaki Kushina. [A pause and she can't help herself.]

Or The Red Hot-Blooded Habanero, depending on who you are.
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[She's used to it now so there's just a bit of a shrug. She wants to ask if he's Uzumaki too because of that hair but if she did she knows it would just make it worse.

Her own clansmen killing Minato's sensei? Killing Jiraiya? While she didn't know her clan anymore, accepted it was as torn apart as their village, she never pegged anybody as a cold-blooded murderer.

Could he really be part of it? Things change, it's inevitable. Her clan went different ways, were raised differently.]

Um-- yeah. [She looks like she doesn't REALLY want to go but it's for the best, so she's left biting her lip and turning away.

And then stops, fighting herself.]

Uzumaki. Do you know them?

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[She looks over her shoulder at him, conflicted. If she accused him of being Uzumaki too, what would he do? And what if he was?]


[Kushina waves a bit before she begins leaving again-- it's how they begun, it's how it will end. Each step feels heavy, weighs her down. If the burden of being a jinchuriki is heavy, then what was having a clansmen killing your soulmate's sensei and breaking his heart?]

Thanks for the help. I'll see you around.

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