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Feel free to just leave a message here with an indication as to how he's being contacted!
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a few days after luceti valley; action

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[Kushina was known for being a fearless woman. Bullies who picked on her were beat down without mercy. Becoming the Kyuubi jinchuriki, while she was speechless, she accepted and believed in herself that she could handle it. Fighting in wars for most of her life and facing enemies, she had even let some people go home back to their families when she gave them a choice and came back home with a strong mind along with a stronger heart.

That's why she stands at the door of the killer of Jiraiya-sensei, after the fake life, to get some things straight. To talk. To figure out what in the world happened that made such a nice person make such a horrible mistake.

She knocks loudly at the door, firmly, and then waits with a deep breath for her older brother... or someone like it to answer the door.]
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[She's lifting her hand to knock again, this time impatiently, when it swings open and reveals Nagato's face. She jerks back in surprise and a flood of memories that aren't real but FEEL real hit her straight on. Of the two of them growing up together, all the bickering, all the toy peppers, his return gift of hair accessories, thepranks, and then the barbecue. She's not sure why but telling him she loves him sticks out the most because that was her.

That wasn't fake memories. The only people she had said that to was Minato and Naruto.

She tries to smile at him and it is genuine but it's a little cautious, too. And a little sad.]

Hey, Nagato. We have to talk. Do you have a minute?
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[She walks inside, kicking off her shoes because that's polite and that's what she would want someone to do if they were coming into her house. They're set off to the side and out of the way and the floor is a bit cold on her feet.]

I still like Menma.

[She says it offhand and looks around his home, having not been there before she wants a good look. Once she gets a enough one she levels her gaze back on Nagato. He's just as anxious about this as she is, so she relaxes a little and closes the door behind her.

The talk is going to take a lot longer than a minute.]

I thought it was because it sounded boyish, so it was fitting for a boy.
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[As if on instinct (or as if she doesn't doesn't really care about proximity) she picks the spot next to him and leans forward a bit as she listens.

There's a sharp intake of breath and her hand twitches, as if to reach for his. She only keeps it still by gripping her pants.]

... It's a strong name. [If only for a strong person who gave their life to save another.]

Listen, I wanted to talk about everything. I want to listen from your perspective why you did everything you did. That's the least I can do, after this past week. I've tried to make sense of it. How can such a nice person who cared so much do that to his sensei? I know Naruto really trusts you and I believe in him, but I need to hear it for myself.

There has to be something you said to Naruto and I want to hear it too. Not from him and not from anyone else. From you.

Tell me your story.
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[Kushina listens attentively, her brow furrowed and her expression intense and biting the inside of her cheek so she doesn't interrupt. He had told her his story and now she had to take that with everything else.

Finally, she looks ahead, angry.]

It's never okay to kill anyone. War is a terrible thing. Which side is really the good one? I never knew. How many families lost a family member because of those wars? How many children lost a father or a mother? How many lost a husband or a wife?

Killing Jiraiya will never be right and I won't ever excuse you for it because like others you succumbed to the pain of war. How is killing another ever justified? What good would it ever do if we're just following the same cycle over and over in a never-ending river of death and suffering!

[Kushina seethes for a moment where she wants to punch something, then takes a deep breath, lets it out, and faces Nagato. She doesn't really give him a moment to explain any further as she carries on.]

You went through a lot of horrible things in your life but you're not the only one, Nagato. Pain won't make people understand each other and I don't really know what will. If Jiraiya-sensei and Minato couldn't figure it out, how in the world could I?

But I know this...

[A soft hand places itself on his knee and her eyes lock with Nagato's rinnegan. Her gaze doesn't waver, if anything it hardens if he turns to face her.]

I still want to be someone you can talk to, just like when I was your sister.
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[Her hand slips away from his knee as his eyes do, and she balls it into a fist in her lap.

She looks shocked at those words, figures she should be used to it now because a few people have said as such. Eventually a blush takes hold and she plucks at her wristband, frustrated.]

I'm not. He's much easier to get along with, I think. He's much more like his dad.

Minato said once that we're a family of shinobi. I'm doing this because I think if we just listen a bit more to others, try to do something more than just fight then maybe something else, something better will come from it. I don't know. It's worth a try.

And it wasn't all fake. Most of it was, it's true, but I think some of it was real too. [It's just hard to forget he's killed a lot of people. She stops and shoots him an awkward smile.]

You're the one supposed to be talking, not me.
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[As he touches her, she has the gut reaction to pull away but the continued speech keeps her there.

If Naruto's growth to Naruto was staggering then what was it to see a baby turn into a strong, young man. She knew it would happen, she had wished so hard to see him grow up and got that wish here in Luceti. Guilt still sits heavy in her gut, she had never gotten to tell Naruto how sorry she was yet, for everything.

Yet he grew into everything they could hope for, in a son. Sure, he was a bit of a brat when it came to chores and eating vegetables but he was still a teenager. Teenager as he was, even Nagato had seen his growth in a short time frame.

And now he's carrying everyone's dreams, Minato's and Kushina, Nagato's, Jiraiya's... and he's still standing tall. Still bickering with her and only getting a little off-balance by these experiments. Well, that's what she's here for. To keep him upright and moving forward and not to dwell too much.]

He did get his weird verbal quirks from me. [STILL MISSING THE POINT KUSHINA or she's just deflecting because she still hopes he's more like his dad. And she's stubborn as all get out.]

Konan is a nice girl. Try not to worry her so much anymore, Nagato. Take care of yourself. People make mistakes so don't give up on your dreams either if you still really want peace in this world. The thing about Luceti is it's good at giving us second chances. It's got some problems too like the Malnosso but you can't give up. If you do, I'm not sure we can be friends at all.

Just do it the right way, this time. Without killing anyone.
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Ah -- I don't like waiting.

[And there was a lot she had to say and ask. Sitting there idly and waiting for Nagato to come to her just wasn't going to happen. She was already about to burst before now.

Naruto definitely got the impatience from her, too.]
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[Her expression turns a bit blank, defensive. She doesn't like talking about herself unless she has to.]

Not much. I married Minato and had Naruto, that much was still the same. But everything else?

[The history, her family, her home, being a jinchuriki]

I was still me, though. I don't think that will ever change even with a fake life.
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[There's a bit of a head tilt, brow furrowed.]

You weren't boring.
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Like I said, you weren't boring. Being boring doesn't mean you have a simple life or that it's nothing like another person's life.

You weren't boring to me. And I can't think my life was boring either.

Do you think creating life was boring? It's a lot better than killing people!
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[A sigh.]

You were important and you weren't boring. It was a fake life but it was still you. Your responsibilities were just different. Did you feel boring before you knew about the truth?

Or were you happy?
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[She remembers. Sort of. It's fake but the memory is there. Some of it is fading over time but those feelings don't.]

But that doesn't mean you're boring.

I don't see how anybody can be. We're all different people with likes and dislikes, different experiences. We're the same that way, I guess. And some of us might not get along or like the same things, but doesn't make you any less interesting. Doesn't make you any less unique.

Shouldn't make you less happy, either.
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[They're touching words and he reminds her why she came here in the first place.

Sometimes, bad things happen to people and they make mistakes. That's the sort of thing, she's seeing right now with Nagato.

Her hand settles gently on his shoulder. To show she feels the same.]

Well, we've met now. So we can make the most of it here.
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[Like a brother and sister. She returns the smile a little, but not the sentiment since she's still not sure how to feel.

At least she can offer her ear and maybe he'll change her mind.]

I should get going. I've got a couple of boys to feed.

... Thanks for talking to me, Nagato.
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[She stands from the couch and then moves to the door pull her shoes back on, pausing at pulling it open.]

I'll come back. I don't know when but I will. Okay?

But could you tell Konan I said hi?
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[Here, is one more genuine. But pretty lopsided, too.]

See you.

[And she's off!]